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The most advanced lookup bot on Discord and Telegram. We take pride in having some of the best and fastest responses from our bot for your channels or servers.


What is Beem?

Beem has been in the works since early 2023 when the idea of a free to use social media and crypto lookup bot came to mind. Since then we have refinded the bot to have the cleanest image generation for lookups of any bot in the market.

We take pride in consistency and updates. With that being said we actively work to make advances with the bot to bring the best content to any kind of server or channel you run.

Image Generation

Rapid image generation for quick and clear content for your servers.

Social Platforms

A growing list of social media platforms to show off your socials.

Crypto Prices

Get the latest crypto prices to always know the current value of your investments.

Perfect Uptime

Our team strives for perfection and that carries over to our bot uptime.

Notable Users

Check out some of the large networks that currently trust Beem for their servers or channels.

Use Beem In Your Servers/Channels

Feel free to add Beem to any of your Telegram channels or groups to immediately get access to all the great features it has to offer.